My biggest weakness? My biggest weakness is by far procrastination. There are hundreds if not thousands of examples in my life of me procrastinating. I have lost the opportunity to make friends, see things, experience things and go to new places. An example that stick out to me that shows how troublesome this flaw is, is schoolwork. I put off school work so much that o just don’t get it done. It has affected my grades heavily. I could have a much higher GPA just by doing my homework alone but since I didn’t do it I’m where I am now. To make matters worse I know that all I have to do is actually do the homework and a lot of my problems would disappear and I’m still not doing it.Even worse it’s not video games convincing me not to work, it’s not sports, it’s not friends. I could just sit down somewhere and watch paint dry and be content with not doing work.

This flaw may be huge but it doesn’t change how I view myself. I am still a narcissistic kid. I worry about this flaw a lot and try to stop procrastinating, but the thing with procrastination is I procrastinate stopping procrastination, so it never really stops. I’m sure others see this flaw for it is very evident. The only thought it puts in peoples head about me is not to work with me. I would say I am my own worst critic because no one else tells me about this flaw.

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I believe this is one of the worst flaws you can have. It doesn’t affect you in the instant nut instead it affects you down the road in a much bigger fashion then you would of even thought. I know that to get rid of this flaw as soon as possible or it’ll affect my life on an even bigger not then just a few lousy formative grades. Unforuntley the thing stopping me from fixing this problem is the problem itself. It is just a vicious circle. A vicious circle I will have to fight bard and relentlessly to breakout of. It may take a while but it’ll happen.

Most people such as my parents, believe tha…

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