On March 5, 2013, a huge tragedy happened that changed my life forever. My brother, my life, my sunshine, my other half, and my whole- was shot around 10:00 p.m. at a house party. Growing up my brother and I was very close, but then he started growing up, and we drifted apart as he had gotten older. The street took over him he wasn’t my big brother anymore he begin to hang with the wrong crowd and joined a gang. He was fighting all the time, being disrespectful, getting suspended. This is the life he had chosen. Growing up my sisters and I were always scared that being that my brother is always in the streets that somebody would physically try to take him out, and he’d be gone.

Today I can go back and reminisce like it just happened yesterday. It was a just an ordinary sunny Saturday where the grass was green and the kids where playing out on the lawn. The wind from the trees’ andbrushes caused kids to run and fall into to the dirt, tracking piles of dirt in the house where my mom yelled” you kids better not better not be bringing mud in my house. “

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My brother walked onto the lawn mushing the dirt into a Timberland pattern from the bottom of his shoe. All the little snotty nose kids ran up to him as he put his arms around every single one of them while greeting them with a simple hello. I watch him walk up on the porch he looks at me and smiles with the biggest grin saying, “hey baby squirt, what you doing out here watching these snot nose little kids?” I respond “Just doing what I get paid for you know.” He said “Get up squirt and give me a hug.” I get up and hug him as I smell his polo cologne. I move back and say “You smell good brother.” He smiles and walks into the house. My brother yells, “Ma.” My mom peeks around the corner and says,” Yes, son? “I began to walk inside the clear glass door and I walked behind my brother and tap him on the shoulder then and ran away.

I ran into the kitchen be…

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