From a young age, I have always been taught to work hard and that I should never let anyone suffer because of something that I did. I carry this ideology everywhere I go and apply it to every situation I can, often finding myself staying behind to help someone while others will continue on with their lives. However, when it came to doing things for my own benefit, I would procrastinate to do other things that I found more interesting, particularly in my schoolwork. I would always tell myself that I would complete a task later, repeatedly pushing it back until I found myself with no more time to complete it.

I started procrastinating in primary school because I could put in little to no effort in my schoolwork and still receive good grades. This soon grew into a habit of mine that stayed with me when I transitioned into secondary school. Throughout my freshman year, I continued procrastinating, however, it did not significantly impact my grades, so I had not noticed it.

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When my sophomore year rolled around, my habit ultimately caught up with me and my grades took a significant dip. When my parents noticed this, they decided that we would have to skip that year’s vacation to Vermont, an annual tradition since my sister’s illness with cancer at a young age.

When they told me this, I was devastated. They have worked hard all their life and do their best to give the best opportunities to me and my sister. They work fifty-one weeks a year waiting for that one week to get away from the stress of the world, and I had taken that week away from them because I had been procrastinating. The way I unintentionally affected my family made me realize that the situations I put myself in still affects others. Although I always try to never negatively impact another person, everything that I do not accomplish can still barricade opportunities from another person. If I had not procrastinated, my family would have been able to go on vacation, and they…

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