Some people used to have cinema actors or a sportsperson as their childhood Hero. For me, my father was my childhood hero. My father was born in a village with 3 brothers and 3 sisters . He was the eldest in the family . He belonged to a family where farming was the major job . But since my father was more interested in doinghigher studies , he had to leave his village and stay in a hostel and study. He was the first person to get Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry.

He got a job in railways and started working at the age of 23. His total service in railways was 35 andhappily got retired.

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When I used to see my father I always get admired by his sincerity and dedication for work. There were certain qualities I always like to follow my father.

got a passion for studies mainly because of my father . Whenever we used to have exams he used to apply for leave and teach the concepts and make it so simple . He always advocates to dothe best in studies , be sincere ,be on time . He always used to say studies are very important for life and get a job and try to beindependent . He never used to be dependent on anyone. You are responsible for yourself never expect anyone else to do your work.

Another important quality which I learned from my father was to be very Honest and straight forward . He says that these qualities will always help aperson to lead a successful and a peaceful life.From various books I had seen the saying of great people which we need to follow for a peaceful and successful life. But I used to be surprised that I had learned everything from my father .

Never he likes me to be a coward. Be bold and be courageous that will help us to face the world boldly.After my high school studies, I got admission in a nearby city .So I had to leave my family and stay in a hostel and study . I did not hesitate and had the courage to stay in hostel and study . The courage was definitely a trait from my dad. I got my Bachelor’s Degr…

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