Growing up in a home as the only child of two God loving parents has helped me all of my life to focus on my life path.My parents introduced me to God along with church, prayer, and the Bible.While I’m away at college, I find comfort in all three of these religious teachings to help me make sound decisions about my life.I am not saying that my family is perfect, far from it, but my family is a faith family of God.I believe that having this foundation is the primary base of my personal code of ethics.

My personal code of ethics consists of qualities that guide me each day.For one, integrity is one of my personal ethics that I feel that I have, and look for in others.Integrity builds trust with others.I feel that my integrity has earned others’ trust.For example, I worked on the golf course at a local club for three summers.I had to be accountable for my work.If I did not do my job on the course in the mornings, then other employees would not be able to do their jobs later in the day.I earned my peers trust because I wanted them to know they could count on me.When people trust you, you feel better about yourself.

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Kindness to others is another characteristic in my personal code of ethics.I don’t know about you, but I always feel good about myself whenever I’m nice to someone.In today’s society people tend to be negative or mean to someone, especially if that person is going through a rough time.A small act of kindness, such as compliment, could make that person feel appreciated and accepted.I choose to be different by being nice and kind.Who knows, the person that is going through a hard time can become your best friend later in life.

Being a role model or leader is important to me also.I believe that the leadership qualities I display help others understand it is okay to be yourself. Of course, I like to be with my friends, and sometimes I feel like some of the choices they make aren’…

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