My day began with a very contentious discussion with a roommate about how I don’t do the dishes or clean ever. I told him the same thing I told him yesterday. I did do the dishes and I did clean the house. I also told him that the mess is from him and his buddies. He keeps denying it every time I mention it. After that debacle, I got my coffee and headed to work. Halfway through my drive to work I remember that it was carpool Tuesday. I had forgotten to pick up Greg my coworker, I then reminded myself why I probably forgot to pick him up. He was a very garrulous person. Greg could talk your ear off in a minute flat. That man could find a way to connect dogs with what time the yellow line left the station. I finally got to work, walking in the door i noticed my reflection in the glass door. I the proceed to realize how disheveled I actually was.As I walked into the bathroom at my office I noticed Tom wasn’t at his desk in the far back corner.

I contemplated where the few spots he could be. Tom’s personality was lamentable at best. He always had a reason to look sad, Tom once told us a story about how his wife left him one day. Nobody believed him because the week prior he was showing the pictures f how good they were together. So basically he is a perpetual downer and you ought to avoid him at all costs. At this point, I’m half way through fixing my tie and combing my hair, when out of nowhere the stall door opens behind me. I jump a little because I had thought no one was in the bathroom. As the door opens half way, I see Tom’s face peer out from the half-opened door. I immediately look forwards at the mirror, grabbing my coffee and walking as fast as I could out of the bathroom. Phew! I definitely dodged a bullet there, I thought as I walked to my desk in the front of my office building.

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I sat down and at my desk and began to sit back in my chair. Not thinking anything of it I sat back a little farther than normal. As I did …

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