I have been successful in school this year by growing as a human being and becoming more involved than I was last year. This year I have communicated more and got involved more with my classmates and teachers. I take notes more and I also raise my hand more often if I don’t understand something. I have been known as a class clown to some others but I wouldn’t consider myself that I would say i’m more of a chill funny guy that just likes to make people laugh. I enjoy having a great time at school which had made school more fun and interesting for me. Which is the reason this school year has been successful for me but homework and test could have been better but overall it was a good year for me.

To begin, this year off I started out really well I did all my work and had no missing assignments for a good amount of time. Whenever we started a new lesson in class is when I started to slack off and my grades began to drop. My grades began dropping lower and lower as the year went by then eventually I started bringing my grades back up. When the first semester was coming to an end my grades began slipping again and I started to slack off again but by the time finals came my grades were not where I wanted them to be. So I had to work hard and push myself to study hard and prepare for my finals because my grades were not high enough for me to depend on if my finals did not go right. When it was time for my finals I did pretty good on them but I could have done better now I just use all of my past mistakes I did to make me a better person in school and with keeping my grades up.

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Next, came second semester and everything that I did wrong the first semester I have improved on it in the second semester. I learned from my past mistakes which has made me become a bigger and better person than I have ever been schoolwise. Whenever I was in class and the teacher was giving a lesson I would become the shy person in class and I’d be in my own w…

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