This wasn’t any ordinary race; it was the race of my life, the one that would matter the most. This would be the first and the only race that my entire family would be able to watch and cheer me on at. I drove a lime green goat cart with the number 4 inscribed on the side. I wore a white suit with green and blue peace symbols and hearts all around. I liked to be colorful so my boots had splashes of the orange and yellow here and there. The nervousness and sweat all the racers shared as they began to hug and slap hands was a bit germy for me. I smiled and gave body slams; you know the ones football players give to all their friends. ”Good luck Vazquez, and Link I’ll see you at the finish line!!” I yelled at my two close friends after the signal was given for us to gear up.

I look over the players faces once again and noticed their deveined looks of uncertain and confusion. Among all of the faces mines was one of determination. I knew that there could be many outcomes.

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Some of which could results in death.This track wasn’t any ordinary track. It was the most dangerous. I knew exactly what this race meant, I knew exactly which racers to avoid contact with; I knew exactly what I needed to do. It was time to win, time to enjoy the turf, the fans, and each other. I was ready. Ready to win!

Before the race I mumbled, “Lord, thank you for another beautiful day for a race. Thank you for allowing me to continue achieving my dreams, keep me in your arms Lord and with your almighty powers hold this lime green and baby blue goat cart with the number four in neon orange together in one piece. In Jesus name I pray Amen.” I ended my prayer with an excited smile and dazzled looked on my face, only because I knew deep down inside I had already won this race.

Once the black and white checkered colored flag wove into the air, each racer drove into position quickly. Neither of us hesitated to do so. I knew that now I was only seconds awa…

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