It all started in the eighth grade. There was a girl in several of my classes. She was a pretty brunette, tall, and a dancer; one of the best dancers in the school and very intelligent. I had a crush on her almost from day one of grade 8.Half-way through the school year I started taking the bus home, and it turned out she took the same bus. We even got off at the same stop.I didn’t know it, but she lived two blocks away from me. I couldn’t believe it. From that day on, we would go home together and talk. This, of course, caused my crush to grow even stronger.I eventually found out she had a boyfriend, which made me feel disappointed. According to her, the boyfriend did 500 push ups and 1500 sit ups every day. I didn’t really care because this guy lived in a different area from her so he was far away from her every day and I got to see her and be with her every day.

I had just recently started working out, and my dad agreed to be mypersonal trainer. I asked him if that was possible for someone to do 500 pushups and 1500 sit-ups every day. He said that sounded ridiculous andthat he’d have to be a small guy, with ridiculous arms, and it would take so much time to do that kind of a workout. When my dad went to the gym, he brought up my concerns and other guys in the gym got in on the conversation. They all agreed she was lying. I began to wonder if the boyfriend existed at all, but I kind of thought she was telling the truth. The next day I found out that my best friend had a crush on the same girl I had a crush on. Somehow everyone knew I had a crush on her as well.I ended up telling my best friend could have her, as I wasn’t interested anymore. The truth was she wasn’t interested in either me or my friend.

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Toward the end of the year, we had an 8th grade dance. I promised myself I would ask her to dance.A bunch of my friends came upto me at the dance and said “Matteo, are you going to ask her to dance?”; I r…

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