A long time ago, I worked for a marketing company in Nigeria as amarketer. This was the first time I was working and getting paid like any other employee, I was treated as one too, but with some differences because of the fact that I was the youngest staff in the company.It had company policies that I wasn’t aware of and ethics and morals I wasn’t aware of which was a surprise to me because companies in Nigeria don’t have ethics or morals and I was proud to be a staff, for having those things as a company policy that should be read by every new employee, adjusting to my workplace was difficult, especially being a supervisor was the most difficult aspect because all of the other employees were older than I was and it was tough on me to be their colleague.

Within a few weeks of working there, I realized that the ethics and morals were much more difficult and different than I expected, the company had values that were shocking to my discovery. The values of the company were outstanding; confidentiality, respect, responsibility, service to customers and these are the values that guide the company, but to my surprise on the job those values were neglected. I had many issues regarding whether I should remain there. Company policy states that the marketer should not make inaccurate statements to the client at the point of sale but at the same time would encourage it through body languages. We were also told that in overcoming objections, it would be acceptable to put the client in an awkward situation by making comments to embarrass them into making a purchase. This type of comments could be minor and some comments could be compared to some that I had heard, really nasty. I became very conflicted with how to work with the clients and not make these comments because at some point the manager would join the salesperson at the table. If the salesperson was not being aggressive enough the manager would then become aggressive with the …

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