I always say “I do not know” when a lot of people ask me why I came to America. Why do I answer this way? Because I really do not know why I have this decision. For me, I do not fit to come to America in all of the aspects. The most important point is that my English is not very good. In other words, I have a defect in English. In addition to, I have to overcome other difficulties. Although the process I come to America is painful, the result is satisfactory because I can get a better education, and I can have a rich experience in the USA.

The decision I come to the United States is very impulsive. I had the decision in 2014.At that time, I just finished my College entrance examination. In China, the examination was very strict, and we needed to prepare the exam for three years. So, I completely relaxed after the nervous examination. I did not think anything, but I enjoyed the free time with my friends. However, when I got the result of the examination, I had a complaint. The result was not good. I was admitted to the University of Linfen. Meanwhile, my aunt told my mother that I could study in the USA, first I could apply the Kirkwood Community College, and then I might attend the 2+2 program. My mother asked me if I want to go to the USA. My answer was no way if you let me go. My mother said you must reviewed one year if I refused the suggestion. I also did not want to review one year in high school. I only wanted to attend the University of Linfen to enjoy the life of university. In this way, we had a cold war for two weeks. Finally, I did not want to my mother continue to be angry, so I promised her to go to America. The reason was funny. I came to the USA in order not to let my mother be angry.

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There had been many complicated procedures to complete before I came to the USA. First, I did not how to apply the college. Fortunately, my uncle helped me to finger out these things. Second, I must prepared some materials for gettin…

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