Bullying? I thought that was a mere myth, something that only existed in the world of movies and teenage fiction books. In school, nobody was ever pinned to their locker for lunch money or viscously tossed around in the hallways by a gang of reformed school fugitive’s. High school is an innocuous environment where kids can truly express themselves while building a foundation for the rest of their lives. Well, I was gravely mistaken.

My sophomore year smacked me with a dose of reality when I became the bull’s eye to a pack of wolves I used to call my friends. Never in an eternity did I think for one split second that I’d be a glowing target to my so called companions. Some would say I was the outcast of the group because I abandoned soccer to go “geek it up” as they would say, in musical theatre. Also, I was a strong advocate for abstinence, so that concluded marking the massive red “X” on my back. Every single day at lunch was like walking into the jungles of Africa and strolling straight into a starving lion’s den. The cafeteria began to be the extra online class that every kid constantly dreaded, except mine was called social ridicule. Vehemence would course through my veins as they’d consecutivelytook shots at me, as if I was I was a duct taped punching bagwaiting to burst.

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Those savages had not a wonder in the world just how mortifying their everlasting words were to me. Days came, were I simply tried to isolate myself from torment, but like lethal assassins, they were relentless in making sure that I was tortured by their cruel comments. I chose not to be another clone in their clique and finally pursue something that I take strong apathy in. Suddenly, I was accustomed to the daily routine that I began to feel as if I should be punished for refusing to be like the rest of them. I was much too bashful about discussing this humiliating topic with anyone, including my own mother. After months of harassment, I …

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