Last week, I took a three-day trip to Grand Rapids with our crew team. I cannot believe myself because this is my first game in crew or even the first game in LALU! So, since I known that we’re going to dismiss on Friday and have a game with other schools on weekends, I couldn’t help myself but being excited for a really long time hoping that day’s coming!

Days passed quickly, Friday was coming, after lunch, I packed up my stuffs and ran to the lake and looking forward to begin my wonderful game-trip! Amelia, Alexis and I were on the Mr. Spingler’s old track, after about 3 hours, we arrived in Grand Rapids, also, I saw the big and wide river that our game will take place. At that time,to be really honest, I felt not only exciting, but also more nervous. In order to distract my useless nervous, coach T and coach Spingler said we need to settle the boats and practice a little time. Therefore, all of our crew team member, include the three coaches, all joined in, and helped us transport the boat and built up together. This was really different from China. In short, teachers in China will not “work” with students, just like moving the boat from the car to the dock, or transport the oars many times And actually, they just can put out the works or duty that students should finish, and standing beside us and watch students doing. Thus, this is one reason that I like crew and these three coaches more like my friends though they will be angry and pointing out our mistakes sometimes.

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The next thing I want to point out is food. I have to say that although I already lived in America for about one year, I still cannot figure out that American’s eating habit. That night we ate our dinner in Panera. To be really honest, this was not my eating style just like Mac and cheese or sandwiches. And this was my first time eating here, I had no idea on choosing what to eat. However, when I looked around all of the American students were really …

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