Failure is something that no one ever wants to encounter. Fear of failure is said to hold people back from doing new things which prevents success. People who usually succumb to failure usually aim to grow and become a better person. When I had my incident with failure I was pessimistic about the experience but later one I realized that without it I would not be the person I am today. Three years ago was the the time I experienced my ultimate failure, the failure to be trusted and keep my word. Volunteering at Atlanta Children’s Shelter was an activity that I did weekly. One day while I was volunteering I was approached by a young girl named Emma who lived in the shelter. Over the next few weeks Emma and I talked daily and we began to have a close friendship. Christmas was just around the corner and there is no other way to make a less fortunate child happy than to give them a gift. Knowing that I was going to get a scooter for christmas, I immediately thought to give it to Emma because that is something that she had always wanted. The morning of christmas I rushed downstairs to get the scooter to prepare it for her but, to my disappointment it was not there. I immediately began to think of Emma and the look of joy she had on her face when I had told her about the scooter. I also began to feel guilty because instead of joy and a smile I was faced with a six year old homeless child whose christmas was ruined because I failed to keep my word to her.

“You lied to me.” Those are the exact words six year old Emma told me when she found out that she would not receive a christmas gift that year. At that moment I knew that she had counted on me. At that moment I knew that the trust she had for me was gone. At that moment I knew I had failed. The experience of failure affected me because not only did I ruin someone else’s christmas but I let them down by lying to them. Deception is one of the most dreadful things a person can do to another….

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