Every person has a story, something that makes people who they are and is a representation of their family. In my case(,) knowing where my family came from, their struggles and successes along the way(,) has provided me with a better viewpoint in life, appreciating the good and learning from the bad but always striving to better not just for myself(,) but for those that I love and setting an example for my kids. So(,) what is my family history and what have I learned.

My family, just like everyone else consist of two sides, my father’s and my mother’s family(,) both of which are very large families and that I still continue to learn about and meet at the years go by. Both my mother and father’s families come from Zacatecas, Mexico, to include them, which puts me as the first generation of my family to be born in the United States. But this did not happen overnight.

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On my father’s side, my grandfather was the son of a farmer and a house wife who had five children. My grandfather(,) along with his siblings(,) never went to school farther than elementary school in order to be able to work on the farm and help provide for the family. My grandfather, a tall man with olive skin, was one of the youngest of the men and while he had older brothers who did take care of him(,) he knew he needed to work had for himself in order to survive and for the good of everyone. My grandmother, an average size woman with short hair, was also the daughter of a farmer and a housewife who had ten children as well. My grandmother did not go to school any further that elementary school in order to help the family in the farm. Both of my grandparents met when they were very young and quickly fell in love. Back in those days(,) courtships didn’t last too long and marriages happened quickly. Once married(,) my grandfather was able to get a small piece of land where along with the help of family he made a house out of adobe in town where the family mainly…

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