According to Miller and Levine, (2010) “A pedigree shows the presence or absence of a trait according to the relationships between parents, siblings, and offsprings. It can be used for any species, not just humans. By analyzing a pedigree, we can often infer the genotypes of family members” (396). It means that the pedigree is used to study genetics and the possible phenotype of the offspring would be. I am tracing a recessive trait. I picked this trait for my family because I was curious. I honestly thought that every single person in my family would have a straight pinky. In the pedigree it shows that most do have a straight pinky but others do not have it. The difference between the genotype and phenotype with the traits I chose is that my physical trait (genotype) is that my finger is straight and the genetic makeup (phenotype) is “tt”.

When i first did my pedigree i started off with my parents, siblings, and I. Next i listed my mothers siblings, then my fathers siblings. After that, I listed the wives and husbands of each of my parent’s siblings. Then I wrote down the children of the husband and wives. Finally I wrote down my grandparents from both sides. The reason why recessive traits are first instead of dominant trait is because the dominant trait is too common. A square is a male, a circle is a female, the lines connected between the male and female mean that they are married, the “pp” is the recessive trait, and the slash between between the female and male means that they are divorced.

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In my pedigree, the first generation shows that both of my grandparents died from my dad’s side of the family and they had four children. On my mothers side, the pedigree shows that my grandpa and grandpa had four children then they divorced and grandpa met a new woman then they had a child. In the second generation on my fathers side he has three sisters and two are divorced. The youngest sister has two children, the second y…

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