Unlike the rituals performed in the author Mark Mathabane’s childhood home, the customs in my family were built on love and respect. The first ritual in my family manifests itself in our weekly family dinners every Saturday. Get-togethers are very important in my family because it is a time for us to enjoy quality time together that we did not have over the weekdays. Every Saturday afternoon we head to my uncle’s house; this has been a tradition ever since I moved to Boston from Peru. We all arrive around 1 PM at my uncle’s house and my mother and aunt each come prepared with a plate of food to contribute to this family meal. My uncle always makes a typical BBQ as well a Peruvian dish, called ceviche, to symbolize the mixing of our culture with American culture. Meanwhile, the grownups loiter around in the kitchen talking and drinking, while my cousins and I stay in the living room watching TV. In the meantime while we wait for the meal to be ready, we eat small snacks on the table that my aunt always brings to calm down our hunger, including crackers with cheese, shrimp cocktails, fruit, and nachos on the side. When the meal is done and ready to be served, my uncle calls my cousins and me to set the table with placemats, glasses, forks, knives, and a salad in the middle. Then my uncle sets all the food onto a separate table in the dining room like a buffet stand. We each grab our plates, serve ourselves, take a seat and enjoy the meal with the rest of the family. Another ritual we manifest on our family is Christmas Eve. Christmas is a very important holiday, since it is that once a year holiday in where we all reunite from other states. Our Christmas Eve starts at 7 PM at my grandmother’s house in Beverly. Just like our weekly dinner get-togethers, we eat Peruvian food and American food to symbolize our cultures. Also, since my uncle and aunt are both married to Americans we serve the typical American dinner that is turkey, stuf…

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