When I was a little young girl, if my father did not hold me in his arms, walk and sing to me until I fell into a deep sleep, I would remain awake and not let anyone sleep. With his huge, soft and warm arms, a man was able to do that “great” job, losing hours of his night, singing the greatest lullabies and holding me with patience until I found peace and comfort to sleep. In order to know and admire that amazing man as I do, it is essential to talk about his physical, mental and unique characteristics.

To illustrate a few of my father’s physical attributes, there are some points to describe how his stature, facial features, and ancestry make him easily identified. Stronger but not really in a good shape, his middle-age paunch is noticeable. Also, he is taller than me but shorter than my brother; he is approximately 5’7’’. Even more, my father has a different way of walking. Thinking about his feet as a clock-hand I would say that his left foot points to ten and his right foot points to two. Apparently, some of my dad’s facial features cause his face to look grumpy for those who do not know him very well. For example it takes some effort to makes him smile. Besides, he always has some kind of wrinkles in his forehead while he is looking something behind his glasses. As well as his well-groomed beard hide his dimple in his chin when it is not closely trimmed and makes he looks even more serious. My bronze tan skin was inherited from him, who won it from some Brazilian Indian and European ancestors what is typical of Latin American. Next, that man has a straight, thin and slightly gray hair which foreshadows some small bald area on his crown and his temple. Moreover, his brown dark eyes remind me of a smart eagle eye.

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Second, his craziness or psychological characteristics can be described as positive, cheerful, and impatient. For instance, he is the type of person who always tries to see the good side of a bad situation. A…

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