The person I admire most is my father. As a Baseball player in Louisiana. He tries his best to walk the path of greatness. He didn’t have a father or mother to teach him and guide him through life. Being raised from home to home is not what he wanted for us. Even though he and my mother failed to work things out, he did not let that interfere with him raising us. He went further on his career and became a father of four more children. Even though it was a blended family, he considered all the children to be his. My father is a very persistent man. He displays signs of how to not give up and work hard. Also, my father filled me with wisdom and knowledge to live life to the fullest and become successful. He showed me ways to be humble and be open to being teachable. Overall, he is my mentor and the very person who molded me to be who I am today.

Furthermore, my father is a steady provider and works to see that his family has the necessities of life. He does everything in his power to keep the family safe from that which would injure or harm the family members physically, emotionally or spiritually. He shares his knowledge and principles to help family members grow and develop. He does not believe in giving up because you failed. He pushes and motivates us to be better than he was. He succeeded in being a father even though he had no clue of how to be one. My father is the building block for us. Without him, I don’t know where I would be.

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Not only is my father an amazing person, but he also pushes me to be a great person. He always pushes me forward to try new things and helps me pretty much whenever I need him. I admire people who are hardworking, humble and strive to gain as much knowledge as possible. He has advised me from day one to take responsibility for my actions, give it my all, set goals, and never quit. My dad inspires me not only in words but also through his actions. He always says to prepare to learn something new ever…

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