Have you ever seen someone who does not eat? I mean not starving, but someone who just doesn’t like eating. I haven’t either. Everyone eats food, some people eat more food than others and some people like food more than others as well. I really love food. Some of the things that I like about food is the different places that food comes from, how there are so many different tastes in food and how there are so many different types of food. Let us begin, shall we?

First off, something that I really like about food is that there are so many different places and cultures that food comes from. Some of the most famous places that food comes from are places like Korea, India, China, Mexico and The Philippians. I have had the opportunity to be able to try all of these different cultures of food and let me tell you, they are all so very different in their own ways. One of my favorite is Indian food. They have so many different types of flavor from something that will make you sweat or something that will want you make for seconds. My favorite dish from India is Butter Chicken on Rice with a side of Naan. Naan is a fluffy-tortilla which is very delicious. There are so many other delicious of foods from all these different cultures, but I must go on.

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Additionally, there are so many different tastes of food. Some of these very good flavors are sweet, sour, salty, savory and tangy. My favorite is savory. I like foods that I could sit and taste for a while and enjoy while being able to tell you how delicious it was. There is also another favorite of mine, its sour. I absolutely love sour candy. Any type of sour candy would really suffice for me. Although I have named a few of these delicious tastes, there are so many other tastes that other people like as well.

Finally, the next thing that I really like about food is how different foods are. For example, there are meats. Some of these meats are beef pork and chicken. There is also some things f…

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