“Hello, Summer” are the words people love to hear the most. It signals the time to welcome new friendships, new places, and new adventures. It is a goodbye to all the endless hours of hard work and uncontrollable stress. It is the feeling of absolute freedom coming our way. We usually wait for this time of year every second it is not around and then take it for granted until it is too late. Summer is all about the tan lines, the wet salty hair, and the cold drinks. Its absolute happiness. Everyone’s energy is focused on uniting, experiencing new horizons, and learning about the places they’ve always dreamed about.

In the Summer of 2015, Vegas was calling my name. It was my first time flying alone and meeting my family. So many questions ran through my head at this time wondering if this was the right timing for me, but who was to say this was not what I needed? My anxiety was already dangling from a thread. Yet, In less than 24 hours I took a big leap, thought “Screw you, anxiety,” and bought the next plane ticket to Las Vegas, Nevada.

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As people moved in the plane with their suitcases on board scrambling to their seats, I found mine to be the window seat. I was all settled and the engine grew louder and louder until the plane finally took off. The pressure and popping in my ears had me thinking I was being pulled towards the floor. My heavy breathing fogged up the window once I realized I was thousands of miles up in the blue sky. The clouds were endless fields of sweet cotton candy, breathing over the land gracefully. I felt their warmth come over me, filling me with peace. Iturned my head to see where the strong-flavored scent was coming from- It was an older guy with a shabby beard who sat a seat away from me. He smelled of nicotine and loneliness. I could hear his aggressive music clearly as if he was trying to block what he was truly feeling. Every drum beat he tapped to on his right leg cried for another smoke. He …

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