A summer of unforgettable moments. Many of the events that happened were life changing. The summer of 2015 was a great time for Elizabeth. This summer consisted of stepping out of the comfort zone, and living life to the fullest. Elizabeth was in Mexico for literally the whole two months. Mexico isn’t as bad as others make it seem. It’s filled with wonders. Hands down, this was Elizabeth’s favorite vacation.

First things first, no one ever needed an annoying alarm clock because the roosters were ready to wake everyone up at around 5:30 a.m. After getting up, Elizabeth usually saddled up and headed to the ranch. On the way to the ranch she had to go up a hill. As Elizabeth would go up that hill, it seemed like she could chase the orangey/yellow sun up. Getting to see the soft amber glow, all the colors blending in so perfectly into each other was so mesmerizing. All of her problems just disappeared in that moment, for this reason Elizabeth would come every chance she would get, to lose herself in silent beauty. To top is of she was surrounded by the beautiful orange and green colors of the sorgo (sorghum). The wind always complimented the whole scenery.

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Once Elizabeth would head back, she would be starving. As soon as anyone arrived at abuela’s (grandma) front door, they could automatically smell the aroma of the round and puffy pieces of heaven (flour tortillas). Abuela always had visitors from the whole town. Elizabeth loved that everyone was just so peaceful and united. She was the type of person that kept to herself, but by being there she would have to step out of her comfort zone and be more open. There were times were Elizabeth was there for people she barely knew, but she was glad she was. The fact that everyone knew each other was so weird to her. Back at home Elizabeth didn’t even know the names of all her neighbors.

Eventually, it was time that the whole pueblo (town) would go to la plaza (park). Everyone would be…

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