The best vacation I ever had was when I traveled to Punta, Cana Dominican Republic with my entire family. My grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins all went as well. It was great to be reunited with my entire family because we all tend to have a busy schedule and we live far apart. We found a great deal online, and we stayed at a 5-star luxurious resort, with the beach being located a few steps away from my hotel. The weather was out of this world. The two weeks that my family and I stayed there, a beautiful sun was seen during the day, and at night we would watch the sunset on the beach.

Family has always been important to me. Without my family, I feel like I would lost. It was a great feeling to be around the people that you love the most. Everyday we had a daily schedule. We would meet up for breakfast, and enjoy the delicious food that was served to us. After breakfast we would cool off in the many pools that were available to us. Later,we would head over to the beach to relax and call it a day. We would watch the sunset over the beach. It was an eye-catching sight to see the sun set over the fluffy clouds in the distance. We would cherish every moment together because this opportunity that we got was to be valued.

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The resort that my family and I stayed at was extremely elegant. We got lucky and purchased an all inclusive luxury package. We got to eat all different varieties of a tasty food for free. There were many restaurants spread across the resort that offered different types of cuisines. High speed Wi-fi was available throughout the resort. It was neat to relax with my family on vacation, when I can also pull out my phone at any time to catch up with my friends back at home. Each day there were engaging activities at hand.was concertedWhether itduring the day, or private parties on the beach at night. The activities were always interesting, and worthy to attend to. The best part of the resort was the large beach that was…

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