Going back to page when I was a little boy, I lived with my grandparents until I went to primary school. they doted on me a lot, during that time. I ate 5 times every single day and I am not willing to take exercise. When I went to school, my weight was up to 180 lb. That is very terrible for sure. When I grew up, I realized I do not even have a friend and nobody wants to make friend with me. I was inconsolable. I decided to change my life and to have a new one, to be the best one. First of all, I have to lose weight.

In time of losing my weight, I spend about one hour running every morning and ate diet food, such as, vegetables, fruit, and low calorie meal. Reality is not as easy as I thought, insist on two months later, my plan has failed and my weight went back to the past. I was upset and I thought I will never ever achieve my goal. I started to eat and drink too much. I become introverted, and Id not like to talk to people. My parents saw my change and my father told me if you want your dream come true, you need to be positive, persevering, confident and use the scientific method to gradually achieve your goal. In this world, only you can beat yourself. It was then my father took me to the gym. In practice, I do not even know how to use those fitness equipment. At the beginning of those couple weeks, I just ran on the treadmill and walked on the mountain climbing machine. Obviously, nothing has changed. Casually, one day, I met a professional trainer. He is a trainer of aerobic dance lesson. He introduced me to a course from New Zealand named Lesmills. It has diverse lessons named RPM, BODY ATTACK, BODY BALANCE, BODY STEP. I choose the RMP, in this class, people need to ride on the bike , imitating different riding conditions such as uphill and sprint. Each class has 45 minutes and consumes about 600 calories if you take it seriously. I began this lesson from October, 2014. I never ate dinner, and no off day. Weigh ever day. Firs…

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