It’s the day I have been grieving my entire life. Over my life, I believe I have been given enlightening experiences. My life I may not have accomplished everything I may have wanted to but that doesn’t take away my credibility to say what I have learned and experienced first hand in the past.

You cannot accomplish your dreams or gain respect from others until you respect yourself. Sometimes you try new things. Trying new things don’t always work out. Good experience, or a bad experience what you have done is done and will not change. What can change is the way you take that experience and learn from it. For as long as you try and avoid a bad experience you will forever not understand no one is better than your self. Self-respect goes hand and hand. You have to be able to get over yourself and do things you aren’t comfortable with. Until you realize no one will make fun of you or that no ones opinion of you matters except your own. Self-respect is a silent factor many people do not have. By silent I mean people will say they have self-respect but then they will unknowingly not have any.

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Another Thing is too realize how blessed we are to live in America. America is the greatest nation on God’s given planet and we have to realize by living in America you are already put in the top fifty percent of the earth’s population. People fail to realize, including myself, that at least in my case I was extremely lucky growing up. I have always been told my luck is amazing at almost everything I do. I was brought up in a wealthy family and was given everything I needed and way more. Thinking about it now, I have no idea where I would be without the family I had and the opportunities I was given. Some people will ridicule you for living a so-called “perfect life” but not everything was given to me. My parents, and I believe most parents should do is not spoil their children. Something earned will always feel better than something gi…

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