I have just come off of the plane. We have arrived. My family and I, we have finally arrived here in Canada, our big dream! We always saw Canada in pictures or on TV, and everything seemed to be so nice, but now, we are here, and we could see the reality with our own eyes. It’s raining, and it’s so cold that I have to put on my jacket. There are so many people around me, and they seem to be in a hurry, but I don’t know why. I am very disappointed; they all know where they have to go but we don’t. I look around me, and everything is so nice but at the same time, so different from what I expected. Afterwards, we cross a big hall, and we arrive at a line where everybody stops and waits to go into an office to speak to a woman. My family and I always had the impression that we knew how to speak French very well. I learned French in school, and my parents took some French courses before coming to Canada. Our turn arrives; somebody calls us into the office. The immigration officer begins to speak, and I don’t understand anything. My mother understands, but she can’t find the words to answer. She looks at me and asks me to help her, but I can’t open my mouth. Finally, my father begins to speak in English. We are saved.

Later on, we step out of the immigration office. I’m very curious to go out and see the streets, but we have to wait for our Romanian friend who is supposed to pick us up. We are looking around, but we don’t see our friend. I see all kinds of people that I have never seen before, and they speak all different kinds of languages. It’s so interesting! I am watching the Chinese people; they are so thin, and their hair is so straight. Wow! A Muslim girl! I have never seen any Muslim people back in Romania. This day is so special for me! Suddenly my mother says, “Look, our friend!” I turn my head, and I see him. I am excited. I had thought that he had forgotten that we were arriving today. He excuses himself f…

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