When I was in university, I had a dream to work in our national airline company “Air Astana”.Everyone knows that work is one of the most important activities of the person because you spend most of your life there. In Kazakhstan, first job experience determines your career way in your life. I believe that knowledge I have acquired in my first job experience such as working with co-workers, applying theoretical knowledge and getting knowledge from specific courses will help me in the future to get my main purpose to be a professional in my field of work.

First, I have acquired valuable knowledge cooperation in command. When you work at the airport, one of the most important things is understanding each other. I controlled that all services around aircraft fulfilling in time. We faced a lot of problems when I was working at the airport, but through operating with my co-workers I was able to manage those difficulties. For example, when I first joined to work, my co-workers met me with good emotion I at once felt their good attitudes to me. We were eight persons in my shift; we really got on well together; we always joked with each other. One day I had a problem when I servicing an aircraft; it was flight Almaty-Aktobe. Baggage of passengers was delayed because there were some problems with baggage claim; at that time our supervisor was in another flight. That was my flight, so I was responsible for any problems there. Through radio conversation, my shift knew that I had problems. That time I was near aircraft, controlling other services. Arsen, my co-worker, was in office, he called me and I explained the problem. Arsen called to airport service and told the problem; through radio we talked calmly, despite time pressure. Because I could not abandon the aircraft, one of my co-workers went to the baggage claim to find out the problem. In the end baggage was delivered almost on time. In the end I was shocked how we worked so fast and e…

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