I burst into the bookstore, ran straight away from the front door to the back of the room, tried to clock in with my finger as fast as possible as it would be a big reward to me for being on time, but with huge dismay, I was 5 minutes late. I was the only person in this place show up late on his first day at work. Everyone was still doing their thing, minding their own business at Mesa College bookstore. Suddenly, my heart began to race rapidly as I received a death stared from my manager with her mixed impression about me. All the confidence I had built up before that day felt like went out of the windows, my brain was freezing, and I replied “ solly” with my broken English. All of that made me felt terrified because it was the first job I got after coming from Vietnam to the American dream.

New situation always makes me nervous, and my first job interview was no exception. “What do you think about working in this place? Why should we hire you?” said the interviewMy heart pounded rapidly like it would jump out of my rib cage, when the manger asked me all kinds of questions that I have never been asked before. At that time, I kept stuttering endlessly trying hard to deal with it, not my intention, but I couldn’t control my voice nor my words. Moreover, the weather seemed weirder than it usual. It was a gloomy Sunday morning, with that fresh, earthy smell of dirt because of the heavy rain after a long drought, and the sky was darker despite it was just seven in the morning. The thunder stroke rapidly rattled my windows as if it was crying from heaven, shaking the sky, like a series omen of misfortune predict that I would fail horribly after leaving the interview room. However, everything went better than I expected, I got the job after two days waiting sleeplessly. At this point, “Woooohoooo” I screamed out loud, louder than the siren of an ambulance trying to signal as loud as possible to make way to its destination…

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