Once the founder of Ford Motor company said, “If everyone is moving forward together, then success take care of itself.”

– Henry Ford.

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Since I was little, I have always been in contact with business around my family who always work together. My mom as an auditor and my dad as a financial engineer both with associate degrees had always shown me how to love this major in general. I always like how they worked in offices and were able to work with people trying to get some contracts and close with a big amount of money or maybe were in charge of a group of representative sellers showing them what goal they have to accomplish for the company. While the years had gone they always inspired me and I wish to become something similar but different. Then, I realize that I always like to travel, learn other cultures and obviously be a future business woman. When I graduated from High School my parents told me that I had a long way to go and I had to be ready for whatever that comes. Now, I know what is coming up, my major could bring me many opportunities but I would love to be an international sales representative to make a living, work with people and be successful for the rest of my life.

Nowadays, make a living is getting harder if you don’t have a degree. I start college already, but this probably will take 2-8 years through all the career. It will cost approximately $51,0712 ending with a master’s degree in business administration. My parents always said living with limits is not living. They had good jobs with associate degrees, but they never enjoyed them as they wanted it. Business is unpredictable but if you’re in it then you always will be looking for more and my parents always told me to go to the limit and I will do it. I’ll be advanced and what means I will be leading in the field of any International Business especially like an international sales representative. I will be able to solve any global business problem an…

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