Who would have known, after four years of learning German, I would be flying over the Indian Ocean and visiting the land of the language’sorigin itself? Not you? Me neither. But here I am, back from a month-long adventure in Germany a.k.a. Deutschland and here is my story. It all started on the 16th August 2016, I packed my luggage ad set foot in the Cologne Airport exactly at midnight. Upon arrival from the 13 hours flight, I felt a gush of excitement overflowing myself. It was beyond amazing- the feeling of being in a country I worked so hard to be there. Together with my two fellow Malaysians, we were welcomed warmly by our assistant tour guide, Johanna. I was so overwhelmed by the fact that I actually set foot in the land of my dreams. Johanna kept asking us questions that I tried to understand but obviously failed miserably. Nevertheless, we did our best to answer them. All I could do at that moment was genuinely hoping that she would at least speak a tad bit of English (that never happened) or my German miraculously became better out of the blue (and that never happened either).

Bonn – this wonderful and amazing city, is where I met my surprisingly young tour guide, Wiebke and my teammates of young German-speaking students from Bulgaria, Senegal, Kenya, Cameroon and a German student. Together, fourteen of us form a great big family with Wiebke and Johanna as our “parents”. To be frank, the first few days were really tough for me. I cannot really grasp what were Wiebke, Johanna and my teammates were trying to convey, neither when they were talking to me nor just generally speaking to everyone else. Therefore, I vowed to myself at that moment and from that moment onward, I would do my very best and work extra hard to improve my German. I was super thankful that I had ample of help with learning the German language. I promised that I would make the best out of my one month in Germany and I was convinced I did.

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I braved thr…

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