?My hometown is Ashtarak. I like my hometown very much and it is very important to me, but it has a lot of disadvantages and If I had a chance I will change some things. First of all the biggest problem in my hometown is pollution people throw their rubbish everywhere andthere is a lot of solutions for this problem one of this is that we must organizeprograms that will explain people all the bad influence that pollution can have, we must explain them that pollution can cause a lot of health problems also it can damage environment and nature ,besides this all we must clean our town every weekand we must have more recycle bins. It will be easier if schools have programs that will teach children good manners and from a young age they’ll know what is right and what is wrong .The next thing that I’ll change is that in my hometown there aren’t any playgrounds for children and government must built playgrounds for children ,because every children want to have a fun and also their parents will enjoy if their children will be happy besides this we don’t have any entertainment places that people just can go and can spent good and pleasant time government don’t thing about young people because every young person wants to have somewhere that he can go with his friends, also it will be good if we have cinemas or theaters, we don’teven have cafe orplace where you can gather with your friends and celebrate your birthday. And the last thing that I will change is about schools ,in schools we don’t have laboratories and equipment and it is hard to understand a lot of scientific things and in my opinion it will be better see something once than listen about it hundred times and besides this we don’t have enough computers for everyone in class and about this government should also think because we need to use modern technologies very much in every subject as we know we can get much more information from internet and it will be ve…

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