Being a teacher was my dream back when I was still in my elementary days. I’ve changed my mind as I became older then decided to be a lawyer someday. But I chose to be an accountant again and that’s the path I’ve followed. Time flied so fast. Here I am making my way back to be an educator. I’m still young minded I guess. My decisions weren’t that firm. Anyway, I am not who I am today without the presence of that memories. It was second semester year 2014, I was still a freshmen when I finally found my home. My home? Or should I say new home I guess. It’s the College of Education with the kindest dean I’ve met Sir Dex. I can still remember.I only knew one Education student and it’s my cousin, Keith. She was the only person I knew that time until eventually I already had my circle of friends. Friends that made my stay happier and satisfied at all times. I met new faces. In my own perspective? Some of them looked nice. Some of them looked like a bitch that I can’t deal with. Some of them were the one that I’ll just ignore. Some of them were the one that I wanted to be with. Some of them appeared to be just neutral and simple. It’s just my first impressions. Some impressions last until now and some impressions changed the way they used to be. Things were just doing fine. It’s doing great. It’s getting the way I wanted it.

I’m happier. I’m satisfied. I’m energized. I’m motivated. I’m eager to exert effort again. One thought came out of my mind at a sudden moment. I wished to be a regular student so that I can be either president lister or dean’s lister. There’s only one take summer class that would mean I am depriving myself to hang out somewhere for a vacation break. Also, I will be bombarded again with school activities instead of having fun. But to tell you, summer class was one of the most memorable of my life. Wait, isn’t ironic? Well, my reason is I was able to know someone even m…

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