Being a college student is really different from being an elementary and high school student. It requires patience, determination, diligence, effort and time to meet the requirements in order for one to achieve his goal in life. Of course, when you are a student, you want nothing but to be graduated and finished your study equipped with essential learnings which can be used in a real life situation. Furthermore, having been enrolled and choose the course of being a generalist teacher or an elementary teacher obliges oneto learn, be aware and absorb the contemporary educational curriculum operating in all the schools of our country.

Last August 22, 2015, the College of Teacher Education conducted a seminar involving Fourth year students together with the Third year students of the said department. The seminar was about lesson planning based on the new proposed curriculum operating in all schools nationwide. As the host section, we were in-charged in preparing the venue, manage and accommodate all the participants by firstly assist them to register and guide them to the room where the seminar will be held. Doing so was tiring but on the other hand was fulfilling in our part upon seeing other participants comfortable and happy to be there in the seminar. Despite of the heavy rain and strong wind, I can still see the attentiveness and interest of everyone.

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Everyone listens and stayed focus to what our speaker had imparting to us. Our speaker in this seminar was Ms. Sonia A. Dantis, a former principal and regional supervisor. She discussed how lesson plans emerged into the required format of lesson plans nowadays. She let us be aware of the type of lesson plans back then and compared it to the type or format as what K-12 Basis Enhanced Curriculum suggested. Aside from this, she stated the importance of having a lesson plan in teaching learners with individual differences. According to her, lesson plans is essential to attain the purpose…

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