The meaning of success may vary between people, but when it comes down to me, being happy and proud of the accomplishments that I have accomplished in life. Today as a modern sixteen year old teenager, the ten areas of success that I find are most important to me are; my family, friends, education, personal health, a secure and fun job, my sports, being financial happy, traveling and having a big house, a nice car.Having a happy family and being surrounded by friends, are really important to me because they bring out happiness every time I see them. Having a strong education after high school would really make me happy, because I really love to learn new things; and when I get a degree, it would make me really happy to use that degree in a job I would love. Person health is a very critical part of life, being fit and healthy mean everything, therefore, the less I will get sick, and the more happier I will feel. A secure job is a very important thing everyone needs to have, a job that brings out happiness to others, and me and a job that will be waiting for me the next morning.Besides, to have a family, a secure job has to be in play in order to support the family. Sports bring out the best in me; I love to compete in a friendly and fun matter, and stay fit while having fun with others, playing a fun sport. Being financially happy means everything in this generation, everything costs money, and you need money to buy the things you want.Therefore, being financially happy will defiantly be a grateful thing to have, so I can be happy, and so I can donate some of my money so others can be happy. Traveling the world is my goal, seeing new people, places and creating adventures is a dream of mine, then again, traveling comes after I study hard and earn money. Having a big house is a nice dream to have, but success is never given but earned. Therefore, I really want to work hard so I can have a big family that lives in a beautiful big hou…

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