It was the first month of summer when my friends and I went for camping at Wapato Point. As we were on our way to Wapato, I was getting a little worried about the weather. It was almost ninety degrees Fahrenheit outside, and I felt an urge to cover up my skin from the heat. I did not like the fact that my skin had issues from the heat of the sun. The more I stayed under the sun, the more my skin started to itch and got rashes on my arms. I never got to have fun on summer days, but when I do, I do not bother to look at my skin and stay under the sun as long as I want to.

It was our first morning at Wapato when my friends decided to go to Lake Chelan. It was almost an hour drive from Wapato. As soon as we got there, everybody was excited to wade in the lake. I put my swimwear on, and I was hesitating to put sunscreen on; because it might make my skin irritated again, just like what happened to me a few summers ago. “Oh, well,” I said, “it will not hurt me if I put sunscreen on.” I waded into the lake with my friends and after two hours of having too much fun in the water, we were finally off to play volleyball. I felt an itch on my skin, and I knew that it was happening again. I insisted on not scratching it; however, I ended scratching it after a little while. The moment it got worse, I noticed that something was different with my skin. There were bumps that seemed to be like mosquito bites, yet larger. A little panic rushed through me; I did what I have to do. I stayed under the shade and covered my skin using my towel. My skin was irritated the whole time that I have to do something besides what I was doing. After an hour watching my friends play volleyball, we went back to our campsite, and I took a cold shower.

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I thought my skin was getting back to normal after I took a shower. I put an anti-itch cream that I brought with me and it did not help at all. One of my friends, who is a nurse, came up to me and gave me an ice in a…

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