I am a nurse. I have always wanted to be a nurse and I have already wanted to be nurse when I was a little girl. I can remember one moment in my life. I was eight years old standing in front of the school for nurses and I was saying to myself that I would study in that school. Why I wanted so strongly to be a nurse? I like people that was the reason. I have always been fond of people and fond of healing and at the same time I have always been fond of animals. I used to say that if I were not a nurse I would be a vet. A few years later my father told me that there were a lot of vets and a lot of them were unemployed. So that I decided to become a nurse. However the real life was far away my childlike imaginations. In the second year of my studies at school for nurses I felt that the decision to became the nurse wasn?t good decision. I felt that something went wrong. During a short period of time a was even thinking about changing the school. My parents helped me. They discussed the matter with me long hours and finally I decided to continue in my studies. After I had finished the school I begun to work in my first job. I became a nurse in a hospital. The job wasn?t so bad as I had expected but still I wasn?t satisfied. I was missing something all the time.

I was not satisfied and I wanted to study again. I decided to enter the college. However I was not enthusiastic and persistent enough and as a result a failed to get to the college. I was trying to enter the university for two following years without success. The second attempt was even worse than the first one. Not because I was not studying hard enough. It was just bad luck.

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At present I am very happy that I was not successful during the entrance examinations. In spite of working as nurse I can not even say I really enjoy my work but on the other hand I can not say I hate it. I am used to working with sick people and I do not care of a wide range of things. I can not change them…

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