My whole life from the age of four to my current day age of nineteen has been spent in the educational system, however out of all those years spent in a desk I do not believe I have learned beneficial traits for society. I grew up in an amazing household in suburban Littleton, Colorado with two loving parents at my side constantly. I attended Heritage High School one of the top ranked public schools for academics in the nation, however after all that so called top notch education I don’t believe I left school with a good skill set for society. What I do know is that every life lesson I have been through has made me the man I am today. Simple things like being scolded and taught right from wrong, how to treat women, and how to great and speak with my elders has made my life much easier better.I am the man who I am today due to my parents and I believe they taught me much more in being a good person in society than the education system ever could.

Ever since the age of four my life has been invested in sports, my father was a huge sports fanatic and had me growing up playing any sport imaginable. I know if I didn’t grow up playing sports I wouldn’t be the same person I am today. My parents supported me in playing competitive basketball, baseball, and football and without their backing and pushing me into those at an early age because not only was I taught how to be a part of something bigger than myself but I made memories that can never be erased. My most favorable memory was 5th gradewhen I was going to my first travel team basketball tryout that my dad had set up for me due to him knowing the coach, and all I can remember is how absolutely terrified I was. These kids been playing travel for years already but I would be the new kid. Leading up to that tryout I was so nervous that I was throwing up because I had never experienced that type of pressure before, all I could think about is how I did not want to disappoint my pare…

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