I choose to give up meat for a week but I quickly learned things are easily said than done. I choose to live without meat for a weak because two of my best friends are vegan so I thought I would give it a try. Also when I was little I was always scared to eat fish because I had a pet fish and I felt like I was eating his family, sounds silly but that is how I feel. I know being vegan has more restrictions then a vegetarian but I thought it would be fun. This assignment motivated me to go through with the experiment process. I realized I have taken advantage of eating meat, I did not realize how much I would actually eat meat. I didn’t realized I would inquire meat into just about 3 meals a day and almost every day. Thinking about the whole experience I was not cutting off all meats that I consume, it was not that much of a dramatic change for me because I only eat chicken and turkey, I have always strayed away from cow, pig and other animals. Of course it was still a challenge. I have tried going vegetarian before but it didn’t last long, the lady at cracker-barrel cracked me. Going a week without meat was a struggle along with an accomplishment feeling.

Wherever we go, meat is advertised on billboards, computers, television, newspapers/ magazines and even on our cellar devices, I really started noticing the ads when I was craving meat. Right next to my job is a Burger king and on my breaks I would go grab a quick bite of chicken and some fries but for the week where I was banded from meat I would only get fries and a drink, it felt odd. Going out with friends and family it was hard to not eat meat, they would order what that ordered and then I would be like “Oh yeah I can’t eat that… That sucks” I would have to find something else on the menu. It is even harder to just stop eating meat cold turkey, the correct way to stop is too gradually and ease your way into it. Quitting cold turkey is very unhealthy and could make you…

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