My name is Ayo and I am a warrior from the Congo. This is my life story of how I became one of the key protectors of my village and how my rights were taken away by evil men.Iwas born and raised in the Congo with my mother and my father. I was named Ayo because the name means full of joy in the Congo language. I didn’t have much of an education, I never really liked the school in my village. The school seemed boring and something I did not want to be apart of. I always loved adventure, and I wanted to do something that was fun, and heroic at the same time. My mom always told me that I could be anything I wanted to be, I just needed to believe in myself.At a young age, I never knew of a job that could be adventurous and heroic, mainly because not many people in my village were as outgoing as I was. Then one day it came to me, I saw tattooed men training every day and every night. One day I asked my mother ”what are those men doing? She told me they were training to become warriors of our village. I finally found my dream; I wanted to become a Congo Warrior and protect my village from danger and bad people.I wanted to be looked at as a hero, and one of the key protectors of the Congo. As I grew older, I began to take care of my mother now that my father had suddenly passed away from illness. It was up to me to do everything, from going to the river to catch the fish for the day, to washing the clothes. By the time I turned 18, it was time for me to finally start the trials to become a warrior.

The chief said there was no turning back now; I had to succeed in these trials to achieve the goals I had set for myself. I had to learn how to survive in the wilderness on my own, without being caught by my brethren. I had to learn to ride a horse, hunt, and even make a shelter from nothing but nature. When the trials were finally over, I had one more day until I graduated and became a warrior.The ceremony was held at the Lube river. I…

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