Karley _________ has chosen her life and doesn’t forget she also chooses the consequences out of her choice. My reflection on Karley’s column gives me a mixture of feelings; the feeling of disappointment filled me by the choice of her life. But on her view, she has much regrets about what she is doing but anyhow she able to make it he choice. Taking an impulsive decision makes the rest of the life with wrestle to achieve what she wanted to be in life. Most of the time, I felt my choice in life is not good enough as I decided when I was young and it still give me the side defect out of it. Taking a decision without knowing how the output would be in long run. Young people often choose the life out of the comfort zone. Lack of knowledge about life can lead one into destruction. There is not possible to fix it.

When you are young and still blind for the tricky of this world, you mustn’t decide what life you want. What if …parents were asked: ”What is your success in your life ?” If you are standing on the peak of the mountain, yes you can proudly say ” this is my ….. ” if not, how you will face them? Sadly, in Karley’s column, when her parent asked the similar question she just ignored it. It is a pity, many young people think for the moment without think what will happen tomorrow. I am not absolutely against the choice of young people are wrong but often their choices are related to surrounding environment, friends and whatever they emotionally influenced. The worst part is they do not realize their choices of life need to be change until something awful happen.

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I have the choice and you have the choice to make things better in our life. Like Karley’s mother, she wisely chooses her life and it results a happy life. Sometimes we come across certain people call”mentor” in our life but unfortunately we simply ignore it until the day of regrets taking place. Finally she is happy with what she is doing and also she develops …

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