Life is a very peculiar drama of hardships and sufferings, marked by brief intervals of happiness. This is an autobiography of an ex-service man, who in his short life span of 45 years has experienced different phases of life with so many hardships. Having a very reputable family background, academic career and professional skills and expertise, he has under gone and still continuing through various odds of matrimonial, domestic and social life. Love, affection, marriage, truth and lie possess different meanings with different perspectives.

The autobiography has seen and experienced all those hidden phases and corners of human psychology very minutely. The complexity of human behavior with the passage of time is the best tutor for every human being, male and female. The specific characteristics of the personality of every human being is framed in his infant age derived some factors from parenthood. Man is composed of a physique and soul (emotions and sentiments) mostly inherited from the parents. As he grows and attains maturity, the behavior and training of his parents, especially of his father influences his personality build up. In adulthood and mature age he becomes capable of analyzing what had been good and fair and what had been wrong and odds in past days.

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God has bestowed upon every man the sense and wisdom of differentiation between good and bad, right and wrong. In this matured and sensible age, he must not repeat those same odds and wrong deeds, by which he had suffered and in his childhood. It shows that still he has not acquired positive lessons from his past life and infancy experiences. Matrimonial life is a responsible agreement and bonding between the two individuals coming out from different environments and family backgrounds. This relation is very touchy and sensitive as it requires absolute trust and faith at both the ends. Doubts, speculations and assumptions can easily damage and create baseless misunderstandi…

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