It’s amazing how us teenagers remember almost every little thing we did when we were little kids but forget the little things in class. For example, forgetting to do our homework, forgetting to bring a pencil in class, also forgetting the material we need to remember for a test etc. It’s weird how our mind and brain work at times. However there is one thing that I will always remember till this day during my childhood. When I was only six years old my Dad use to always try and get me playing his favorite sport, Basketball. I remember when he bought me a huge set of basketball cards just so I could begin to get interested, but that didn’t work. He bought me a hoop and a basketball to put in my room, and all that did was take up space and collect dust. When it was my birthday he would put basketball shapes and designs all over the cake with basketball candles, but all I was worried about was smashing my face in the cake before anyone ate it. I don’t know what it was that I wasn’t interested in what my dad was trying to do. This was when I learned my first big word “ANNOYING”. I knew better not to actually tell my dad that to his face but I sure knew what the definition was for it.

Three years later at age nine, my dad still never gave up on getting me into basketball. One day on a Saturday morning, there was a basketball game on. It was the Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat. For some reason I actually sat there through the whole first half of the game without touching the remote. Except for turning the volume up so I would hear what the announcers were saying. I even sat there through the whole half time show. The beginning of the 3rd quarter started and I actually stood up watching the game. While I was watching it I was moving my hands the same the players were moving their hands when they did cross over and shooting threes after threes. I imitated everything the players were doing and I felt like I was actually ther…

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