My minority experience was a not only uncomfortable situation but a hard one to put myself into. Last weekend was the big labor day softball tournament in my home town, while there I noticed one of my team mates family sitting away from the other groups of people and followed him over and discovered that they separated themselves because out of the ten people in the group, three knew english well enough to have a conversation. I took my chair and cooler over to the oldest man in the group and asked if I could sit with them and drink a few beers and watch some games, he looked at me with no understanding other than the word “beer” and “games”, but he signaled to sit so i did.

Once I sat down one of the younger guys in the group leaned over and asked if I knew any Spanish, I told him that I knew about ten words max, he looked at me and laughed. As the game started my discomfort rose, the conversation in the group was almost totally in Spanish, and nobody seemed to care if I understood or not.I decided that I would try to pick out a couple of people in the group that knew some english and try to converse with them and see if I couldn’t join into the group conversation with some help from them. I quickly learned that not only was that hander than I expected, but also frowned upon by the Spanish speaking group members. As I would be mid sentence with someone another person in the group would speak up and my words would instantly mean nothing to the group and a Spanish conversation would start.Throughout the day I learned to stop trying to start conversations, instead I would try to agree with the older man that I sat next to.He eventually noticed that I was an outsider and that I was trying to be with the group, this made it much easier and more fun.

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After my second American beer, he decided to offer me one of his Coronas, at that time I offered him a cold Pabst Blue Ribbon and told him the best I could that he was tasting …

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