On having a looking back at my life, I realize that it is very difficult for me to speak about my most important achievements because even the slightest mistake I make tends to outweigh the good things I have done. Nonetheless, I will try my best to explain my most important achievements in my academic, professional, and personal life.

First, my greatest academic achievements thus far as a 19 year-old fresh out of high school are my graduation from Peninsula High School in my hometown with a 3.4 GPA while taking challenging AP courses and 3 years of foreign language.After my graduation, I wasn’t very sure if college was right for me so I decided to follow my life long dream to become a music producer and recording artist. I moved to Orlando Florida in late 2015 to pursue an Associates degree in recording arts at Full Sail University. I perceive my Associate degree in that field as recognition of my efforts and desire to acquire knowledge that I feel is essential to my life path.

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Frankly speaking, I can hardly say that I was a perfect student and a lot of my grades were because of sheer work ethic and a deep care for my academic standing. But, once I stay on top of a course, I can get used to hard work and achieve positive results in my education. Another thing I should mention is that it was very hard for me to be disciplined in classes that were not directly linked to my future job, but that didn’t prevent me from working hard for my diploma and that honors student gold tassel I wore when I walked to receive it was worth the pain.

The next achievement is particularly important for my personal life. When I was around 13 years old my parents decided to send me to a camp called Keewaydin in Temagami lake, Canada. My parents were good friends with the owner and chairman of the camp so they decided it would be a good experience for me. This camp is not like any ordinary summer camp where you play games, swim in the lake, and hav…

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