All mothers share the common qualities of consistency, thoughtfulness, and affection towards their loved ones. In the short story, “My Mother,” by Pauline Johnson, Johnson expresses how grateful she was to have been given the mother she received. Johnson begins by describing her mother, Lydia Bestmen’s, childhood. Her journey of losing her mother at an uncomfortably young age, being sent to a boarding school, and growing up into an unfortunately strict household; while still managing to be the uttermost caring and loving mother to her daughter. Following this, Johnson began to elaborate on several more characteristics portrayed in her mother’s adult years, during her mothers search for a well-mannered companion. Towards the resolution of the story, Johnson glorifies Bestmen’s parenting years, further expressing her excessively well-developed parenting qualities by using the example of her father, George Mansion, mistaken Bestmen for his mother. Although cancer ended Johnson’s life before she experienced motherhood herself, she portrayed Bestmen as the mother she wished one day she could be.

A person’s childhood is the most crucial stage in the human lifecycle, as they are introduced to the world, and their behaviour is formulated by their immediate surroundings. Bestmen, born and raised in Bristol, England, was four when her mother passed away in 1828. Mr. Bestmen, her father, remarried a selfish Englishwomen, who, “took no interest in them, neglected them absolutely…” (Johnson, 25) which is unjust demeanor no infant should be introduced to. At a young age, Bestmen realized how valuable a motherly figure is for a child, and the degree of unfortunance that she lacks one. However, things began to turn around for Bestmen when she was sent to boarding school at the age of six. Attending this school resulted in receiving an exceptional education and proper etiquette that Bestmen used throughout the remainder of her life. Al…

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