One of my greatest inspirations is my mother, Cutina Johnson. This beautiful woman has shown me the true definition of what joy, peace, and, most importantly, love is supposed to look like. My mother was born with a disease called Sickle-Cell anemia which is an inherited red blood cell disorder. This prevented her from being able to work due to being hospitalized for months at a time. My mother was told that, under the age of twelve, that she was not going to live past the age of sixteen and most definitely not able to have kids. My mother disregarded what the doctors told her.

When my mother found out she was pregnant with me at the age of twenty-six, she instantly knew that she was going to keep me in spite of what the doctors told her, because the love that she already had for me was unexplainable. The doctors were so concerned by my mother’s decision to keep me because they feared neither one of us would make it.Sunday March 15, 1998 I was born. My mother proved the doctors wrong so many times because of her miraculous faith and strong positive attitude. She is what I call a walking testimony. In spite of her disease she lived life with a beautiful attitude knowing that she may not wake up the next day. My mother is everything that I strive to be. She thought she was a bad parent because she couldn’t give me the best life due to her sickness; because she couldn’t afford much, we sometimes didn’t have food to eat, or had to walk from here to there because we were without transportation.

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My mother was the complete opposite of a bad parent. She never gave up on me and every decision she made she always kept me in mind. My mother sacrificed her needs and wants so that I could have what I wanted or needed, and to me that is a true definition of great parent. My mother is my world, my heart, my everything, and most definitely my inspiration. On July 28th, 2014, the summer leading to my junior year of high school, I lost this …

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