People would have a personal hero or a person admired in their mind, perhaps a movie star, a singer, or a champion of world boxing, For me, the person I admire the most is my mom. She has influenced in my life not only as a mother but also as a role model. She was born in a big family with 8 older brothers and sisters. She grew up during World War II. She was sent to school to study four books and five classics when she was 6. When she was 10, the situation became very bad because the people in the village knew Japanese soldiers would attack the village soon or later. They began to flee their hometown to Hong Kong to avoid being killed. In fact, Hong Kong wasn’t a safe place either because British Government had declared war against Germany, but people were still going because this was their last hope. My mom and her family followed this wave of refugees and finally they were lucky to settle in Hong Kong. After the war, they went back to the hometown but all the valuable goods were gone. they also couldn’t find the money they had buried near the forest before they left. Not long after, the civic war began, and they again followed another wave of refugees to Hong Kong, where she met and married my father in Hong Kong later, she gave birth to me and my 3 older sisters. We had stayed there until 1991. We then immigrated to U.S.

I admire her because she is a strong woman, not in physical appearance but inner strength. She learned to calmly face hardship due to the experience in her early age. She helps me understand there is no better thing than surviving, and all difficult times will pass. I was taught how important it was to look at the bright side and stay happy. She gave a simple story about a half glass of water: you would be upset and nervous if you see half of water is gone but thankful if you think the existence of another half of water in the glass. As a mother, she always kindly and patiently cares of family.Although she hasn’…

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