I still remember the day as if it were yesterday, the day my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.It felt as though the world stop and within a blink of an eye there was a slight chance my mother would no longer watch me grow up into the wonderful woman she raised me to be. My mother’s brave battle with cancer changed how I saw the world and my point of view on life all together.

The summer before your senior year of high school is supposed to be a golden one. The one you’ll never forget because it’s your last one. However, a month before I went into my senior year summer break my mother and sisters deliver the most devastating news in such a causal way; that my mother had breast cancer. I didn’t want to cry in front of her but the thought of her having cancer was just enough to cry about. Over a period of time I went from being shock to being anger.I even started bargaining with God, asking if he wouldn’t take her that I would do better and change my life for the better. Before my mother contracted the disease, I didn’t know much about breast cancer besides the basic. I was torn between wanting to know more about the disease that was taking over my mother’s life and not wanting know anything because I wasn’t sure if I could handle the facts and watching my mother go through sign and symptoms I read on.

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Beauty goes beyond the physical. Beauty is strength, compassion, attitude, and being able to love wholeheartedly. Realizing hair, make-up, jewelry, and anything else used to enhance your beauty is an accessory. Once you lose your hair and no longer wants to put on make-up and jewelry, you’re able to embrace your self-confidence better than before. The true meaning of confidence and courage was shown to me the whole way through my mother’ battle. All I can remember from my mother is the vitality and braveness she displayed through her trail and tribulation. She set high standards, faith, and many more morals f…

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