As a young girl, I knew I wanted to do something huge with my life. Whether it be discovering new types of dinosaurs or becoming the next American Idol.Of course, coming from a large mediocre town like I, that’s pretty taboo. What really motivates me would have to be my family and my boyfriend. Every single one of them have molded me, pushed me, and inspired me to become a better person than I once was. Even though I can be a pain in the ass, they still stand by my side no matter what.

In 1997, being a teen mom was unspeakable of. Of course, my seven/eighteen-year-old mother decided to push those social gates and bring a baby girl into this god forsaken world. That baby was, of course, me. My mother always thought the name “Alysia” was beautiful. So here I am. She’s always pushed me to become something big. She would say “Why don’t you try out for the musical this time?” and a loud “No” would be soon to follow by a little bratty me. But yet, she pushed, nudged, and nagged until I did. Guess what? I got the lead. I was Alice in “Alice in Wonderland jr.” To this day, I love musicals. Music has really lead my life in its crazy directions. Without my mom, I also wouldn’t have the courage to audition for anything! Now, I am no longer afraid to try out, nor be on stage in front of hundreds of people. I couldn’t thank my mother enough for all that she’s sacrificed for me. To this day, my mother has four kids and a big home to fit us all in. That’s what makes her my most inspirational family member.

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Next, would have to be my dad. In the year of 1997, I was his 3rd child. He had two sons prior with two different women. He was the typical neighborhood “player” (still is). My dad is not an inspiration because of what he became. What inspires me about my dad would be what he could’ve become and how i can be so much better than he will ever be. My dad is a lowlife, deadbeat, typical baby daddy. I can’t give…

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