My musical life

In our lives we are surrounded by a wide variety of sounds: the sound of trees, the rustle of fallen leaves, buzzing of bees, rumble of thunder, whispers, trill of the nightingale, the city noise, the voices of people and animals, and of course, music! It comes from the televisions, tape recorders and radio, from music school, from concert halls, conservatories, from the cars passing by your window. Music accompanies a person for a long time.Modern human life is unthinkable without music. We need them all, from classical pieces to popular pop songs.

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Here I am in early childhood, watching a cartoon on television in which the characters sing a fun song “The smile will brighten us”. Melody of the song lives in my soul with the cartoon characters. In kindergarten, we have carried out a musical activity. We had a choir to sing children’s songs and learned some simple songs, learned to dance, listened to music and rhythm. I think many people, like me, watched “Looney Tunes” cartoon dozens of times, and then rehearsed by heart the tune in the opening.

I never went to music school, not dreamed of playing on any instrument, or ever wrote songs. But despite of this, I love music and it plays an important role in my life. Most of my friends believed that I do not like the music because I very rarely listen to it, especially when there is someone next to me. It’s true, I do not like listening to music while doing some important work, reading or doing homework. Even the most beloved piece of music distracts and annoys me when I am trying to focus on something important because doing two things at once is difficult. I really believe that music requires attentive and caring attitude towards it. Listening to music is the same thing as reading a book. When listening to music you need to dive completely, only then you can feel the melody and catch all the emotions to be able to fully understand and feel what the author of musical wo…

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